Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

beautiful homeWhen it comes to the look and feel of your landscape, you should experiment with different ideas and discover what works best for your home. In many cases, there is no right or wrong way of doings things, and what works for one homeowner may not be best for another. But there are a few universal landscaping mistakes that just about everyone should avoid.

One of the easiest ways you can mess up your yard is by planting trees, flowers, or anything else without a clear plan in mind. Certain plants don’t look nice together, and some may simply not fit the overall look of your landscape. Before planting anything, consider how long it will last, what color it will be, how difficult it will be to maintain, and other important factors.

Another common mistake is doing too much of the same thing in their yard. Don’t pick one favorite plant and put it everywhere. While there is nothing wrong with showcasing something that you like, having too much of a good thing in your yard can significantly lower your home’s curb appeal. Remember diversity gives your yard a balanced look and feel.

And even the smallest of pests can destroy the hard work you’ve put into your landscape. Sleeping on executing the measures needed to address the pest issue as soon as possible could prove detrimental. You can install an electric fence, spray repellent, or even choose plants that most animals won’t like to eat.


Avoid some of the most common landscaping mistakes homeowners make and you can ensure lasting curb appeal.